Monday, July 5, 2010

Something New

So this week we are going to each try something new and blog about it.

Last year John bought a bullet reloading machine. And last week he finally built a table and put it together. So I reloaded my first bullet today. It was really interesting to learn how a bullet is put together! Here is the process: FIrst you load the primers into the reloading machine. Then you take the brass and slide it into the first position and as you pull the lever down it reforms the shape of the old brass and takes out the old primer. Then you push the lever forward and it puts in the new primer. Then you slide the brass into the second position. As you pull the lever down it loads the brass with gun powder and bells the casing. Then you slide it to the third position. You place a bullet on top of the brass and as you pull the lever down it seats the bullet to the proper depth and position. Then you slide it into the fourth position and as your pull the lever down it crimps the brass and removes the bell of the casing. Then you slide it down the shoot and you have a reloaded bullet! And I learned that a .45 caliber automatic colt pistol bullet costs about 44 cents a piece if purchased at the store and if we reload our own bullets it costs about 11 cents. So this is a big savings (maybe i can use the difference to buy myself a new Chi since mine broke last week). And don't worry the bullets we are reloading were only used in target practice! Here is a pic of me reloading the bullets.

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  1. This is definitely NOT what I expected to read from you! Ha!! Love it. :)