Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jesus in my heart...

My testimony begins at the age of 5 when my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Branning helped me to ask "Jesus to come in my heart", and then I was baptized a few weeks after being saved. What is neat about my testimony is that when I was 2, my parents(who didn't grow up in Christian homes) decided to move to Anchorage, Alaska so my dad could be near his father the 6 years that we lived in Alaska each of my family members was saved. So, we went to Alaska to meet Jesus!
My mom said that when I was saved, I couldn't wait to tell every person I knew about Jesus and what He did for me by dying on the cross to save me from my sins. I grew up in a newly Christian home, and went to a private christian school K-12- so I was surrounded by biblical principals. However, when I was 14 I went to a camp in Tennessee called Christmas Challenge and it was there that I really questioned my salvation- I had struggled off and on through the years about is I had really accepted Christ in my life at 5...which I felt like I had, but felt uneasy that I wasn't 100% sure. One night while I was at the camp, I just knelt down and asked God to save me from my sins and make me 100% sure about my salvation. After doing that, I told one of the counselors, Mrs. Hill about my decision- so that settled any lingering doubts. Later on when I was in college, I did get baptized again to signify the decision I had made at 14.
Overall, my growth as a Christian has been pretty forward moving- with a few detours...that the Lord has taken those detours and used them for good...thank you Lord for that! I thank the Lord for pouring HIS grace on me- what an amazing gift! To know Christ and grow in a relationship with Him is the sweetest thing...if you don't know Him- you will never be the same!

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