Friday, March 5, 2010

Better late than never

For your reading pleasure, the top eleven signs that it's time to start taking care of yourself and making some healthier choices (I just couldn't leave it at ten - we're beyond that at this point):

You've sent an email in the last two weeks to your girlfriends entitled "Big Girl Pants" and it wasn't a forward.

You've started to consider the maternity section as an alternative for clothing options - and you're not pregnant.

 When self-medicating, cupcakes are your drug of choice.

You can't remember your Weight Watcher's online password, though you've been paying for the membership monthly for about a year and a half now.

Clothes that you wore "when you were bigger" can no longer be classified as such.

You buy bags of candy at the grocery store without remorse - and it's not Halloween.

You get winded bending over to pull on your sassy black boots.

You catch a glimpse of yourself in a store window and don't even recognize that it's you at first. Surely that double chin belongs to someone else.

You've moved from denial to acceptance, and just started buying the bigger size without thinking twice.

It is now quite obvious that your Facebook profile picture (though accurate when you uploaded it 18 months ago) was definitely taken more than 20 pounds ago.

And the number one sign that it's time to get off your duff and get to work on that body:

Your doctor has begun threatening you with scary sounding medications if you don't get things under control on your own.

It was all fun and games right up until that last one.  It's time to stop saying "I'll start next week", and actually start next week.  Rather than trying to stuff in every horribly fattening food before my self-imposed deadline, like I usually do, I've already started working in some better choices.  I hate feeling tired and slow and lethargic, and I'm ready to be a better version of myself again.  I liked that girl.  I want her back.  She was pretty hot.  I kid, I kid....

I know how I morphed into this, and I know what it takes to morph back. Hard work, sweat, and tears.  Oh yes, I've been known to cry while doing particularly butt-kicking workouts.  (This is why I workout to DVD's in my living room folks.)  So Amelia and I have made a pact to keep each other in check, and I figured that posting it on the blog was a pretty good method of accountability in itself.  So hold me to it people.  No more Gooey Nutella Butter-on-the-thighs recipes here anymore.  Let's do this thing.


  1. Hi Mary, I'm a friend of Amelia's that lives in Germany. I know there's a million people and books who want to give you unsolicited advice. And maybe I'm just one of those. But I really enjoy your fact, it's a nice connection to life in DFW as a young Christian normal woman. I live in a very different environment, and your blog is very uplifting. thing Europe taught me was not only how to lose weight, but to live differently. People here have a different relationship to food. I love food. And I eat LOTS of it. BUT. I found myself a real market and figured out what food really is. All that fast food and processed stuff...ESPECIALLY processed sugar (have you noticed that probably 90% of the things in your pantry have high fructose corn syrup...the #1 fat producing substance in America?!). I learned how to buy stuff I loved and to buy products that are actual food...vegetables, fruits, meat, and grains. That and I learned how to work out and learned how important proteins and certain fats are in actually burning fat. The other thing is that I don't own a car, so I walk everywhere...and I expanded my distance that I was willing to make a no car/no subway distance. Moms do this with the help of strollers and toddler bikes that can be pushed. It's a different lifestyle, but it has made me so much more healthy. I found a website that's actually pretty good at explaining how I learned to eat. Ignore the ads for her book. You just need the basic info that she tells you..especially regarding grains. I needed to lose weight, and I actually did it by cutting out bread and cheese and substituting this with spelt and millet...something I discovered here that's absolutely WONDERFUL.'s the site:
    I eat a LOT. And I think that's the key to losing weight. Eat a lot of the good stuff...get the bad stuff out of sight, and you will learn to love the good stuff. After a year of living where junk was unavailable or to expensive on my grad student budget, I came back to visit my parents...I was so excited about that first Dr. Pepper...and found out I could barely drink's WAY to sugary sweet, and I didn't like it anymore! Unbelievable! Anyway...I wish you guys the best of luck. Thanks for the blog, and feel free to ignore the not-asked-for advice if you wish. There are lots of sources...but I think if you will fill yourself up with lean protein and lots of minerals and vitamins from veggies, then you will have a lot more energy.

  2. Thanks for commenting Aimee! I'm definitely going to have to look into The Diet Solution Program. It looks like the site was down today (or my browser is disfunctional - which is highly likely) but I'll be sure to check back, it sounds like an interesting concept. I have been so surprised to find that not only does eating healthier foods fill me up, but it is a much more satisfying type of full than overstuffing myself with horrible foods. In just a week of making better food choices (fresh fruits, veggies, grains) I can already feel such a difference in my energy level. It's pretty amazing, but it makes complete sense!