Friday, March 26, 2010


First off, congratulations to Cassandra on giving birth to a big ol' baby boy yesterday!  I'll save the details for her to share with you, but mom & baby are doing well!

And now...since it's March 26th...which really has nothing to do with are 26 things you didn't necessarily need to know about me:

í I love one dog a just a smidge more than the other.  There.  I said it.

í I really hate making mistakes.

í The thing I love most about attending sporting events is cotton candy.

í  I’m incredibly anal and need order in my life, yet I’m naturally a mess.

í  I had to wear a splint that was a bar with two shoes attached to straighten out my feet when I was a baby.  Apparently it worked.

í  I love to do creative projects, but I tend to lose interest after I’ve mastered something.

í  I enjoy working with 96% of my co-workers.

í  I have seven books on my bedside table waiting to be read.  I keep buying new ones anyway. 

í  I also have two huge plastic bins filled with yarn for knitting projects I’ll probably never finish.

í Somehow I always manage to use at least 3 times the amount of dishes it should take to make a meal.

í It also takes me AT LEAST twice as long as the recipe says it should.

í I think it’s kind of weird to love a car.  But I really did love my Mazda Millenia back in the day.  I did not love my Dodge Aries.

í I’ve recently begun to dislike Julia Roberts.  This is unfortunate since she’s starring in the upcoming movie version of my favorite book.

í Simple flowers make me happy (tulips are perfection).  I don’t like big froufy flower arrangements.

í Finding new music I like also makes me happy. Like, euphoric-happy.

í It’s surprisingly easy to make my day with one small, kind action.

í Our dog Max sleeps in our bed. I kiss him on the head every morning before I leave for work, unless he’s buried himself under a blanket.

í I like water aerobics. A lot. Even if I am the only one under 50 in the class.

í My friends used to say I’ve been 30 since I was 15. I eventually caught up with myself.

í I want to live somewhere prettier and smaller than DFW someday.

í I still miss Arkansas. Especially in the Fall.

í I once lost my mind and got a tattoo. I have no idea what I was thinking.

í I want to go to Alaska, Greece and Italy. And maybe Switzerland.

í I will settle for a vacation with beaches and margaritas.

í My great grandparents immigrated to the US from Italy and Sicily.  They married here after each of their spouses passed away.  My great-grandmother was my great-grandfather’s deceased wife’s sister.  Follow that?

í I have an unhealthy dependence on post-it notes.

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