Friday, March 12, 2010

Up in the gym just working on my fitness

Sing it with me.  Except that technically, I don't work out in the gym.  Regardless.

I mentioned last week that when I'm doing a good job at taking care of my body, I workout at home with various fitness DVD's.  My weight has shot up and dropped down more than once over the past decade.  When I watch my diet and exercise, I stay in shape.  When I quit doing both of those things, I gain weight.  Go figure.

Each time I've tackled this problem, I've managed my eating habits through different systems, but my exercise regimen has consisted of DVD's and the treadmill every time, with a water aerobics class thrown in here and there.  I've seen great results that way, and in the process I've become a fitness video aficionado.

Let me give you the highlights of my history with the ever-entertaining fitness video industry:

Cindy Crawford -The first fitness tape (as in VHS, yes this was a looong time ago) I ever purchased was Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge.  The basis was that you were working out with Cindy and her trainer Radu, doing all the things she did to stay in shape.  I tend to find celebrity fitness videos a little questionable.  This one though, was actually a pretty well balanced workout, and I really enjoyed it.  Somehow I never quite ended up looking like Cindy Crawford though.  Oh well.

Richard Simmons - Say what you will about this man - he is a godsend for fat people.  When you are seriously overweight, it is beyond daunting to try to start a workout regimen on your own.  You feel too fat to go to the gym with all the skinny people (nobody wants to be the fat girl huffing at 3 mph on the treadmill with the skinny chick beside you running at lightening speed and not breaking a sweat).  You also can't fathom that you're going to be able to keep up with the tiny, ripped beings on the covers of the fitness DVD's.  But then you see the Richard Simmons videos, and you think - there is nothing that dude can throw at me is going to be too hard.  And you would be right.  He is as cheesy as all get out, but his workouts are low impact, encouraging, and also entertaining.  The guy is hilarious.  You cannot get through one of his workouts without laughing.  Now, it's not nice to laugh at people - but trust me, he can't hear you through all that hair.  I eventually moved on from these because I needed more of a challenge, but they were a great start and I am a huge advocate.

Denise Austin - This woman is beyond perky.  The word psychotic comes to mind.  However, when I first starting doing her videos, I actually kind of appreciated the enthusiasm.  She has some great target toning videos, and she puts out consistently good workouts that are challenging without killing you.  I literally own more than a dozen of her videos.  Sadly, Denise and I had to part ways after I found myself saying ugly things to her in reply to her perkiness.  I don't know where we went wrong - but I guess year after year of hearing "If you rest, you'll rust", or "Your spine is your lifeline, keep it healthy, keep it strong" just pushed me over the edge.  Maybe enough time has passed that we can hang out again...but wow...I don't know, I'm feeling a little twitchy just thinking about it.

So I think it's time to mix things up again.  I somehow stumbled upon YRG Fitness, and I've been thinking about buying the system, but it's a little pricey and I don't know if I'm ready to commit.  Frankly, I'm a little scared of that guy, but I like the sound of the workout.  I have knee and foot issues, and I really need something that's low impact, while still being effective and challenging.  That's where you come in.  Has anyone tried YRG?  Or anything else that you would recommend?  Help a big girl out.


  1. You actually be very surprised that I'm no where near a scary as you would think... if you get the YRG Fitness System you'll find that it much more than workouts and an eating plan... it's a Lifestyle... if you get it you'll be invited to join Team YRG which is my online support system... it's AmaZing!
    YRG 4 LIFE

  2. Hi Mary! Don't let DDP scare ya, although I can totally understand the hesitation. I started YRG early January and, not to sound cliche, but it is starting to point my life in the right direction. His workouts are for every level of fitness, trust me - if I can do them, anyone can. I too have bad knees and back, but the great thing about the worksouts are you can modify them to your own level. Eventually you will gain the core strength to do them and more! His YRG community is like no other I have experienced, and like you, I have gone though "a few" other tapes. His community is like family - full of support, encouragement and more support. Don't worry about seeing only those with perfect bodies on the DVDs - you will see all sizes and ages!! It's an amazing adventure and it is the type that is doable for everyone. And yes, it is very challenging - but like everything else - you get out of it what you put into it. I say go for it!

  3. OK Mary, from one Big Girl to another: I've been using YRG for more than a year and LOVE it. I knew whatever force of motivation that could help Carnie Wilson could help me so I signed on. Dallas is definitely a powerhouse of motivation, but his style goes down easy. I've always been an iron junkie and still lift weights because I love it, but nothing has transformed me like YRG. I adore it for two reasons: 1) Its simplicity: no equipment, gimmicks, outlandish time investment (most DVD's are about 30 minutes, some a bit longer). It also travels well. And it's not 'discouraging' because Dallas encourages everyone to modify and go at their own level and real people are used in the videos.

    2) and perhaps most importantly: results! I'm amazed at the improvement in my strength (especially spine and core), flexibility, posture, and lungs. I breathe much more strongly now, pant a lot less, and feel extremely 'de-aged' from doing this regularly (I'm 45). And regular YRG combined with clean eating (check out my blog if you'd like more on that ) has meant dropping nearly 140 pounds. So I say go for it. It's definitely worth a try. As a lifelong dieter, I've come across my fair share of con artists. Dallas Page isn't one of them. Keep us posted if you do order it!

  4. I'm going to advocate against the YRG based solely on the comments above. I don't want to lose you to a cult. :)

    I've got a lot of old Yoga Today and Yogamazing vids that I could share with you. I know yoga's not the kind of workout you're looking for, but it might be good for a change now and then.

  5. Hi Mary, I am the origingal YRG woman. I have been doing YRG since its creation. I lost 64 lbs in 2001 and have been doing YRG and eating healthy every since! I have known Dallas since 1999 and he continues to inspire me to be the best Terri that I can be. You can make the YRG workout your own by adapting it to your physical needs. Flexibility is the fountain of youth and as I approach 59 this summer, YRG remains a part of my daily lifestyle. You will love the YRG support family--they are the best! They share their thoughts, feelings, receipes and challenges along with some helpful encouragements. The DVD's are quite a bargain when you consider that you get not just a workout but a family and of course--Dallas Page........Terri