Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Mexican food at last

So we have been in Illinois for almost a year (April 7th it will be a year). And we had not found any good Mexican food restaurants. I mean we are from
Texas so we have pretty high standards! We have tried a few places but nothing compares to Cantina Laredo, Joe T. Garcias, Mi Chulas, Ezparzas (I could go on and on). So this past Friday night John and I went out on a date, thanks to our Preschool Director watching Reagan. John said they opened a new Mexican restaurant called La Casa Mexicana and he heard it was good. So we decided to try it. There was a 30 minute wait (good sign). It was decorates great (another good sign). We got seated. And anticipated our chips an salsa. And people the chips and salsa were a homerun! Very yummy and fresh. They also serve coke products (pet peeve of mine is serving Pepsi at a Mexican food restaurant). We ordered. John ordered enchiladas and I ordered a chicken fajita burrito. Our food came out and it was delish to say the least! And the rice and beans were good too! (I'm very particular when it comes to refried beans). It was a fantastic meal and I am so excited we finally have a good Mexican restaurant!!

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  1. As a fellow out-of-stater, i can well relate to your dilemma. It took me a while to find a good Mexican place out here, too. Have to say it is still one of my biggest "cravings" from back home. Cheers to many more delicious meals there. :-)