Sunday, March 7, 2010

So What Exactly Are You Saying

Last Thursday I had my weekly doctor's appointment at the OB. We went through the usual routine as of late...pee in the cup, check my weight (always a favorite) and blood pressure, and then off to the room to have a stress test (which usually lasts about 30 minutes). Because I have gestational diabetes I have had to undergo a stress test for about a month now. They hook me up to a machine and monitor the baby's heartbeat and if I'm having contractions. They schedule these type of appointments at 9:30 am or 1:00 pm, usually after you've had something to eat because that's when the baby is more active. After the test is done then I go for a sonogram to check the fluid level around the baby and then we wrap up with a conversation with the doctor. It's about an hour and a half appointment. So, this past week was no different. At the end of the appointment I met with the doctor (and not my doctor b/c they like to rotate you around to see everyone) and she dropped the bombshell...she said that I needed to stop working and go on bed rest. Um, what?! I still have three weeks to my due date, even though they've talked about inducing a week early because of my gestational diabetes, but that's still two weeks of bed rest. So I asked in as calm a voice as I could, "Are you saying that I should stop working the remainder of this week or the rest of the pregnancy?" She said the rest of the pregnancy...and that's when the tears started to form. I know she wouldn't tell me to go on bed rest if I didn't absolutely need it, but it was still quite a shock to hear, especially after hearing her say that my little man is doing really well and I seem to have my GD under control. Apparently my blood pressure is starting to rise and I have been retaining a lot of fluid in my feet...A LOT!!!! They are just being cautious...I understand that. So Thursday afternoon I began my sentencing. I'm 3 days in and doing okay, so far. I am so not the type of person to just lay on the couch or in bed like a slug...I like to be up and about doing things. I've already caught up on some shows we recorded, watched some movies, and have been reading magazines...and that's starting to get old. We bought some books earlier today (I got out for a brief field trip to Target...shhh, don't tell), so hopefully I can stretch those out over the next week or so. I do have a project I can work on while in bed and I've been saving it for this coming week, so we'll see how that goes. Other than that, it'll be more movie-watching and napping I'm sure. Just what the doctor ordered. If you've ever been on bed rest I'd love to hear how you passed your time...I may need some ideas.


  1. Poor thing! I'll be praying for you, that these two weeks go by quickly, that your delivery goes smoothly, and that your beautiful baby is nice and healthy!

  2. When I was on bed rest (to avoid pre-term labor after I started contracting and dilating at 34 weeks), soooo many people said things about how lucky I was to be able to just sit around and do nothing, but it's much harder than it looks! I was allowed to go to the bathroom, shower, and sit up to eat. Period. The rest of the time I was instructed to lie down on my left side, preferably with my hips elevated. So for 10 days, that's what I did. I almost went crazy at times, but then I just reminded myself that it was best for the baby. It was worth it. I gained 8 pounds, Asher put on some weight, and he was born at 38.5 weeks as strong and healthy as he could be! I'm interested to know what your special project is. I passed the time by watching TV and movies, playing board games and card games with my mom, writing thank you cards, napping, eating, and reading. I wish I had some more unique suggestions for you! Hang in there!!!

  3. Hello,
    I was on bed rest with my first child starting at 20 weeks for preterm labor it was ruff since I am like you and like to get up and do things. I also ended up having to resign from my job earlier then I planned. I had home monitering and had to wear a belt that counted my contractions and called it right into the nurse. No Fun!!! I read alot and watched everything on TV even thou I am not a TV watcher. I also cross stitched a lot. I cheated a few times and went out and did things and got caught once since I started to contract and ended up in the hospital for a week stuck in a bed with no getting up.:( My first born was delivered at 35 weeks.
    Then for my second pregnancy due to compliacations like my first. I was on bedrest most of my pregnancy and had a home nurse. My second child was born at 28 weeks and was in the NICU for two months and now she is a healthy happy little 16 month old. I survived and you can too!!! Before you know it your precious bundle of joy will be in your arms:)

  4. Thanks for all the comments. Last week wasn't too bad at all...only three more days until my next appointment and then we can discuss inducing. Sure wish my appointment was tomorrow.