Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drugs or No Drugs...That is the question

Well, still no baby...though my due date is this coming week (and even that has changed since my first OB appointment, but that's a different story). Apparently my due date is March 24th, not the 25th as I was told in the beginning. But I never really went by my due date because I had been told that since I have gestational diabetes then to prepare for him to be a couple of weeks early, only because they did not want me going to my due date...G.D. in the mom can cause stress on the baby and make him grow faster than normal. Well here it is, four days before the 24th, and we have no baby. Apparently I have things under control and so there was no rush to get him out, which I can understand. He is definitely comfortable inside my tummy, but if he's not here by Thursday then we'll check into the hospital and induce on Friday. I'm praying he comes before then.

So, to the point of my blog...drugs or no drugs? Epidural or Au Natural? That is the question. I know which direction I'm leaning towards, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the subject. Before I even got pregnant I used to always say that I would definitely want the drugs, please and thank you! However I've had the last 10 months to read up on and gain information on choosing drugs or going the drug free route. The information was helpful and really got me thinking on what I wanted to do when it came time to deliver. I'll let you guys know what I chose after the fact, but I really want to hear how some of you moms out there made your decision. I love hearing other people's stories, so please feel free to share.

Until next time...which by then I will have a sweet little boy to take care of!



  1. I really didn't have a choice my first born was 5 weeks early and came by c-section and my 2nd came 12 weeks early by c-section. But if I could have done it the other way I would probably went natural since I can handle pain very well. I wish you the best with your delivery and Congrates on your baby to be:)

  2. Drugs for me, although I ended up with a c-section after 13 hours of labor and no dilation. Good Luck Cassandra . . . . praying for you!

  3. I was Au Natural until I had to be put on pitocin to speed up my labor (my water broke and I had to deliver within 24 hours to reduce the risk of infection). Once they started the pitocin, my contractions became unbearable and I got an epidural. I don't think I could have handled the pitocin without it. Don't feel bad, if you opt for drugs. You need to decide whatever is best for you that day. Good luck!! :-)

  4. Chances are, if you go in with drugs being an option in your mind, you'll go for the drugs! I think you have to be pretty set on not having any to make it through all of that without! But just remember, drugs don't always work. I felt every single thing on one half of my body with Aidan. And I totally agree with Elizabeth - do whatever is best for you on that day. I know people progress differently, but I was crying and begging for that epidural when labor kicked into gear with Ivy - OUCH!

  5. Well, since my entire birth story is posted on this very blog, you can read all about my decision and the outcome. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to go natural. Choosing to go to the birthing center ensured that would happen unless there were major complications - an epidural wasn't available even if I wanted it! I didn't need it, though - it wasn't easy, but it was certainly do-able and I'll definitely go natural again next time!