Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby noises...

I was sitting down on the floor playing with my nephew, Miles and my daughter, Allie tonight and just laughing at the funny noises that they were making. Ranging from sweet noises- like the coo's, giggles, and kissy noises to the "stinky noises"- we know what I'm talking about there...and how all these noises make up these little baby packages. It is such a small time in their lives that babies do things out of pure instinct without any self consciousness...gosh, the pure innocence of it all. It is good to stop and remember how precious all of these noises are, because they will be long gone before I know it and I will wishing for these days again. I have a 15 month old now, who is in the process of making new words each day- words I can understand- so our "baby noises season" is about to end and I am about to have a child I can actually speak with...crazy!

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