Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bad blogger

I was a naughty blogger and skipped my day last week to enter a blog.

I have been preoccupied with a few things lately and just can't seem to focus in on one here is my official blog for this week...

I had a mommy success moment the other daughter, Allie is now coming into a wonderful phase of being more independent, and with that comes testing her boundaries-which she has been doing quite a bit of lately...needless to say my days have been a little more mentally exhausting as I have had to redirect her behavior (which usually follows with a cry spell from her) sometimes from one moment to the, last week I was watching my friend Beth's little boy Isaac for the morning, and when I watch him he always has his own sippy cup. We'll anytime Isaac has come over to our house, it all of the sudden becomes a battle of the sippy cups between Isaac and Allie- they want to drink from each others's exhausting, because usually the second I take away Isaac's cup from Allie she begins to cry and it makes a whole scene. On Friday, I looked to see that Allie had Isaac's cup (again) in her hand and I looked at her and asked her, "Are you supposed to have Isaac's cup in your hand?" and she immediately stopped what she was doing and tried to hand me the cup. I told her, "No, that's not my cup-it belongs to Isaac, please give back to him", and the most amazing thing happened- Allie stood up and walked over to Isaac and handed him his cup and that was that...I was SOOOO proud of her obedience, in fact, right after she did that I held out my arms and said come here sweet girl and she ran across the living room into my arms- it was a priceless moment I will never forget! It also encouraged me to 'keep on keeping on" with being intentional with Allie-that what we are doing is just takes consistency. I was a proud mommy and it showed me she can obey...praise the Lord!

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