Sunday, December 13, 2009


First, I would like to wish our dear Erica a very Happy Birthday! We love you E! mom is FABULOUS! So much so that I'm having trouble putting into words how wonderful I think she is. It is because of her that I am the woman I am today. The past 31 years she has put her blood, sweat and tears into me and I honestly could not be more grateful for all that she has taught me. I can remember growing up how hard my mom worked not only to provide for our family but to also further her education. My mom had a passion for children and God used that passion to call her into the ministry. She was already active at our church and serving as the Children's Minister, but I guess to get the big bucks and be legit you needed to go to seminary (ha!). So she attended seminary, worked really hard, and graduated in 1995. My mom has served at three churches and is currently the Preschool Minister at FBC Euless. What's interesting is that because she is a woman, many people don't think of her as being a full-time minister. They see her as a "serving juice and cookies only on Sundays" kind of volunteer. Well I can tell you that is far from what she does, and I am happy to set the record straight for anyone who thinks otherwise. My mom puts her blood, sweat and tears into what she does at church because she has such a passion for our preschoolers and such a strong desire to teach them about Jesus. My mom is so passionate about what she does that she does not like it when people call it "the nursery," because the nursery implies that the volunteers just watch your child and that's it. Our church is amazing in that it has so many people that serve in various areas of our church on Sunday mornings, including Preschool. Well in Preschool at our church the people don't just watch your child, they tell your child about Jesus, they sing songs, and they show them God's love. There is so much more involved than just watching and changing diapers, and if you ever want to see for yourself then sign up to take a class for a year or volunteer once a month (trust me, they can always use volunteers). My mom doesn't do it all on her own though...she has an amazing group of ladies that work alongside her (shout out to Anna, Kerri, Lori Anne, Judy, Kimlyn, and Terrell Ann). When you get them all together there is really no telling what might happen. They all work so hard and love what they do. What a blessing they are to our church and to Preschool! So if you happen to be a member of FBC Euless, please take the time to thank each of these ladies for all they do (and pray about serving in Preschool too).


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  1. In my class at the church (1 year olds) the kids don't nap so we make tunnels with mattresses and rocking chairs. Yes my husband even crawls underneath the baby cribs with the kids as a means of exploring (he's 6'4"!)