Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a Christmakkah Miracle

So yesterday I decided to go get a mani and pedi after having a very long and busy week at work and a semi-stressful Friday evening. This was a much needed time of relaxing and pampering! So I'm sitting in the chair and had placed my cell phone between my know where this is going, don't you? Well we hadn't even started and plop, there goes my phone into the water. (sigh) The pedicurist (is that even a name) moved so fast and had my phone out of the water in no time at all. He wiped it off, opened it up, and did his very best to wipe away any water. Fortunately the battery wasn't very wet, so we decided to not put the phone back together and leave everything to air out. I was just hoping and praying that my phone wasn't ruined because I've only had it a few weeks. And, did you know that if you do happen to drop your phone in water that one of the best things to do is place the battery/phone in a bag of rice? The rice will basically soak up any water. And, you should never use a blow dryer to dry out your phone because that could end up damaging it even more. Just wanted to pass along that bit of information in case you ever find yourself in such a predicament (like me, my mom, or Amelia). I have to admit I didn't put my phone in a bag of rice though...I just left everything on the counter to air dry overnight. This morning I put it together and BAM, back to normal! It was a Christmakkah Miracle. So, the moral of the story is...don't put your phone between your legs while getting a pedicure (though I wasn't going to leave it there), or don't put it in your back pocket to where it can fall into the toilet, or don't 'accidentally' wash it in the sink (yep, that was me...and I won't even go into details).

BTW, if you're wondering where I came up with Christmakkah's from one of my all time favorite shows, The O.C. I seriously loved that show when it was on...and one of the episodes is around Christmastime and dear sweet Seth felt he could celebrate Hanukkah (b/c his dad was Jewish) and Christmas, so he came up with Christmakkah. Love it! So you see, I'm not completely out of it.


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