Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey little girl, want some candy?

Yesterday, I was at Kroger doing some grocery shopping and as I was pushing my cart down the canned goods aisle and was stopped by an interesting elderly man. He had a strange little unwrapped peppermint in his hands, like the size of a quarter, and said to Allie, "looks like this little girl needs some candy". I was a little creeped out about the whole interaction, and tried to quickly intercept the candy he was trying to hand my daughter and I told him that she was still a little too young for candy, but thank you. I guess there are still people out there that don't think it is weird to accept candy from strangers, and I guess there are still people out there that think a candy the size of a quarter won't choke a 14 month old. I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt, but was still in dismay about the whole interaction...which, bring me to my next rant...

What is the deal about strangers wanting to touch your baby? It seems like anytime I am out running errands, etc...with Allie, that at least one person/stranger touches or tries to touch Allie's face or hands...and I just want to stop them and ask- where have your hands been? and would you touch me like that? No, we'll then why do you think it is okay to touch a defenseless baby?, seriously, where have their hands been? Did they wash when they last went to the bathroom? Had they just scratched their butt or picked their nose? I am all for friends and family loving and kissing on my baby, but strangers, come on? Really????

On a serious note- please pray for my friend Matt Chandler who is having brain surgery at 10:45 today to remove a tumor- I know his family would appreciate it!

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