Monday, September 7, 2009

Public School vs. Private School

Ok so I have always known that if at all possible I would like my children to go to private school.

I went to public school k-12. And I think I turned out just fine. But I think times have changed. Puberty is starting so much earlier. Kids are talking about things and doing things I never even knew about at that age. Discipline is a huge problem in the public school classroom. You have deadbeat parents who could care less about their child's education. Now I know private schools cannot guarantee my child would be sheltered from all that. And I know some very good
public school teachers!

But today as I was sitting in my Sunday School class (we use a Maryville Christian School room) I looked over and saw Psalm 56:3 written on the whiteboard. And paper crosses that the students made were hanging from the ceiling! And absolute peace came over me. I know that I want John and me to do everything in our power to send Reagan to private school. Not necessarily because I think the curriculum is better or that I think discipline problems are rare.
But because I want to know that the same Christian values and beliefs that are taught at home are being reinforced in the classroom!

PS. Reagan said MAMA for the first time tonight!!!! So exciting!!

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  1. what about homeschooling? then you would have complete control over the curriculum, values, discipline, etc...

    and yay for reagan saying mama!!