Monday, September 21, 2009

Nine Months

So my little girl turned nine months this week. Hard to believe she has been outside my body longer than she was inside. And even harder to believe that in three short months she will be one year! Goodness!

It is so fun to see how she changes everyday! She can say dada, mama and is working on dog. She can sit up and take steps (as long as I am holding on) and rolls all over the place . She loves to play and laugh and squeal! Her first tooth has come in and it is so darn cute! This little white lonely tooth sticking up out of her gums! She loves to play with the dogs. She and Ginger (our oldest dog) have become best friends.

The hardest thing is having to put her in her crib while she is still awake. Up until this point I was either rocking her to sleep or nursing her to sleep and then putting her in her crib. But at her nine month check up the pediatrician said that was a no no. So I have been giving her a bath, reading to her and then putting her in the crib. She cries for about 20 minutes or so (feels like forever to me). It just breaks my heart to hear her cry so hard. But it has helped so much. She has been sleeping so much better and the last few nights slept for 11 hours.

What amazing gift God gave John and I. We love her so very much! And are excited about watching our little munchkin grow up and come to know the Lord!

Here is a picture from her nine month pics we had done this week! My little cherub!

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