Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kauai or Maui

My husband and I got back this weekend from our 9 days trip to Hawaii.
We started out in Maui for 4 days, then hopped a one hour flight to Kauai for 5 days. Each island had amazing things to Maui we were able to take an amazing hike through the Haleakala Crater-which was unlike any hike I have ever taken. We also were able to spend a day traveling to the road to Hana- which was so special to us! Randy and I loved stopping to take hikes along the road and then come across a waterfall at the end of some of the hikes- such a treat! The scenery was unreal too! Oh yeah, and we did get to celebrate our 5 year anniversary at Mama's fish house- which was so good...I don't like seafood and I actually got fish and it was yummy in my tummy!

However, Kauai was so amazing too! We had been to Kauai 3 years ago- so we weren't sure if it would be as exciting to be back...and that question was quickly answered once we got there...we were sooo hyper and excited once we stepped into our condo- so fun! We were able to do a few things we did last time we visited(4 wheeling trip, hike to Waimea canyon) and made sure to mix it up with things we had never done too. We took an amazing hike along the Na Pali Coast line- it took us 4 hours and was pretty vigorous, but it was worth every step for all the beauty we were able to see and take along the way. We did spend time relaxing on the beach and boogie boarding- which was so nice. It was fun to be boogie boarding and then see a big sea turtle swim by me- it was unreal and so cool! Loved it! There are several details i am leaving out, but for the sake of wrapping things up I conclude in reflection...I would have to say that Kauai is my favorite island of the 2 has a little more adventure to offer and a seems a less touristy- which gave more room on the beaches to do things...

Oh yeah, we went on this trip with some of our friends, Mark and Laura- which was soooo fun! They are hilarious, love good bathroom humor and love to do adventurous activities too- so we included them in several of our activities there...
Oh yeah, by day 7 though, we were certainly missing our baby girl...I doubt we will ever take a trip that long was great for Randy and I to get away together- which we DEFINITELY needed, but we really missed Allie after a week and couldn't wait to see that sweet was priceless to see her! (I posted a pic of her so you can see how sweet her face is!! Love her!)

Amelia- I posted one of those pics just for you- I'm sure you can guess which one?? Ha!

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  1. i can definitely guess!! ha!! glad you guys had a wonderful time!