Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gotta Write That Down

I've kept a book for a while now where I write the funny or clever things my children say.  If I don't write it down pretty much immediately, I can never remember exactly what they said.  And then when I'm trying to tell Chris about it, for some reason, it totally loses its humor when I can't really remember.  Me:  "But it was really funny."  (Wanting him to find humor in it, even though I can't remember exactly what it was).  Chris:  Slight grin and nod like, "Okay, sure."

So here are a few of Aidan's quotes that went straight in the books.  If you have any of your own (or someone else's), please share!

When Aidan was a little over 2, I was helping him get his undies on after going potty.  As I was helping him step into them, he looked down and said, "Bye-bye pee-pee, bye-bye wiener."

Christ tooted one day and then asked Aidan what it smelled like.  He paused for a minute and then enthusiastically said, "PEANUTS!"

(It has been brought to my attention that Christ did not likely toot in front of Aidan.  More like Chris!  Funny though, when we lived in Oklahoma, we visited a certain church once or twice.  For the entire three years we lived there, they sent mail to 'Christ & Amelia' - cracked me up every time.  They must have thought very highly of us!)

Shortly after Aidan turned 3, he informed me one morning that Emerson did not have a pee-pee.  I told him she had a girl pee-pee, and he pulled his pants down showing me his business and said, "Sometime Emerson needs one of these pee-pees."

When Aidan was almost four, he called me in to help wipe after he had dropped the kids off at the pool (that's going #2 for all of you old folks).  He looked down in the potty and said, "It's a bolcano!"  (That's how he says volcano.)  Then he got off the potty, looked again, and said in a very matter of fact sort of way, "No, it's a jingle bell."

And today when I used a flashlight to look in his throat, he said, "Wow, you're just like the doctor."  Like because I had used a flashlight to look, that made me just like the doctor.

He's such a fun and funny boy.  He gets so embarrassed when I try to repeat anything like this in front of him, and he'll grab my head and say, "No, don't tell them!"  So, sorry to Aidan!  Don't tell him I told you!

And, just so you know, we now call the pee-pee a penis.  And Emerson just asked Chris the other night, "Daddy, do you got a penis like Aidan?!"  So to those of you with children, do you call it the technical terms, or do you have another name for the parts?  


  1. Since I have two girls my oldest calls it a who haa and my daughter calls the boy part is a big boo boo. Ha Ha Kids are so funny:)

  2. I am a NT major, and I don't remember that story anywhere, and I don't know if Jesus ate peanuts.