Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last week when I went back to work, just about everyone wanted to see pictures of Ash. It was then that I realized I only had a few, and they weren't that good. The only reason I even had those was that something happened to the memory card in my camera and I couldn't take any more pictures until I re-formatted it, meaning I had to print and delete the pics that were on there. Anyway, I was a little embarrassed not to have any good pictures of my baby to show off, and it got me thinking...

Remember the good old days when you would take 24 or 36 pictures, having no idea whether or not they were good until you got them developed? And remember when you would sometimes have to wait 3 or 4 days to get them back after dropping off your film? Ah, the anticipation! And the agony when you would go to pick them up and they weren't ready or, worse yet, they just couldn't find them!!! By the way, do they even sell those cartridge-type film rolls anymore? The ones that look like miniature telephone receivers? Those were awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I'm as big a fan of digital cameras as the next person (instant viewing! instant deletion! ability to take hundreds of pictures without carting around tons of rolls of film!), but it definitely makes me lazy when it comes to actually printing them out. I mean, I already know what they look like - the element of surprise is totally gone (don't you sorta miss looking through the pack and finding those random pictures of the inside of your purse or the ground?). So even though it only takes a few minutes to get pictures from one of those kiosks at CVS or Target, I only have a few so-so pictures of my baby to show my friends and coworkers. (And even when I do print them out, it takes another lifetime for me to organize them or put them in a photo album, but that's a whole other post!!!) So, in conclusion, it is apparent that now that the process is now easier and faster, I have less motivation to do it. Bizarre!

(Just for fun, here's a recent pic of the boy - he's a keeper!)

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  1. I've taken lots of pics of that boy, and you haven't printed any of them?! I'm going to have to mail one to your office! www.mpix.com great quality, and you don't have to go stand at the kiosk at the store. I would probably never print pictures if I couldn't do it online. And, just the other day, I was thinking fondly of my 110 film camera and of all the pictures I would take of my Cabbage Patch Kids. I definitely prefer digital, but I hardly print any pictures compared to the number I take.