Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In the past two or three weeks, we've had two crazy rashes (one viral, one we're still not sure), vomiting, diarrhea, croup (times 3 now), and a weird episode with my youngest that threw us for a loop.  So I can't seem to think of much to write about, because all of that has been going on around here.  You think you're going to have just another normal day, and then BAM.  It's like we hit fall, and all you-know-what breaks loose.  I don't remember any other year being like this, and I hope it doesn't happen like this again.  But even amidst all of the craziness and germs, I still am thankful for so many things.  Like the fact that we have great insurance through my husband's company.  HOWEVER, they are changing things on us next year.  No co-pays.  Yep, NONE.  That means everything (up to a certain amount, depending on which plan we choose to pay for), comes out of pocket up until we meet our deductible.  And then they pay maybe 80% of covered things.  Yikes.  Right now, all of the well care visits for the children are 100% covered, which is wonderful.  I'm not quite sure if that will remain or not.  Probably not.  So that got me to thinking.... how much would we be out of pocket right if everything that happened over the past couple of weeks were to happen next year.  Five or more sick visits to the doc, blood work, urine test, strep test, flu test, EEG, and an upcoming MRI.  There goes a mortgage payment... or two.  Oh, his nice, big company will put a decent sum in a Health Savings Account for us at the beginning of the year.  Hopefully that will count toward our deductible when we spend it, but I'm not sure that it will.  Anyway... not looking forward to figuring out which plan to choose, etc.  I'm very glad we had our babies when we did, because no more baby for $100 hospital stay and $25 specialist co-pay anymore!  Yes, we had it good.  

And another thing that I get to deal with this week... TAXES.  Bleh.  We filed for an extension for the first time, because we were in the middle of moving and all of that during tax time.  Well, now we need to have it complete in a couple of weeks.  We're finally getting close, but I had to call Bank of America to ask for a specific number that they did not send.  Well, I very clearly told the girl what I needed.  She tried to look up our old mortgage, but she wasn't able to find it (I guess because it was a closed account).  So she took my information and told me she would have the answer sent to me within a few days.  Great.  But then I got their letter.  Not so great.  Not only did they send me a copy of the one piece of paper I already had, they sent me an additional letter in response to some other man who had requested information!  So now I have all of the information on his 2007 Florida property taxes.  I hate to say they're idiots, but.... I wanted to!  And I guess I'll mail that man his information, since BOA wasn't competent enough to get it to him.  It's probably not what he asked for anyway....  :)  

So now I'm going to put my cranky self to bed!

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  1. Oh my goodness...I know exactly what you mean about health insurance! We're more than likely going to be changing ours in March 2010 which really just ticks me off...why, because I'm due in March 2010. So what I thought I would have to pay for a deductible is going to actually be 3 times as much possibly. And I know all about the HSA's too...those have been discussed around here as well and also an option. It seems good in the longrun but not when you're about to have a baby...there's no time in there to build up your HSA. I think HSA's are from the devil. (sigh)