Wednesday, September 9, 2009


After getting the kids bathed and down the other night, I did my usual of putting all the sippy cups and remaining dinner dishes in the dishwasher.  Tidied up a bit and finally headed for the bedroom.  Our TV in the living room is not working right now.  Anyway, I very much look forward to a little TV/zone out time after all is finally quiet in our house.  So I come in to the room to see that Chris has already settled on a show about Conspiracy Theories.  I usually am not as "into" things on the History Channel as much as he is, but it did sound a bit interesting.  As we got further into it, I realized I was getting more and more tense.  The main point of the show was debunking many of the conspiracy theories about 9/11.  The debunking came from well-educated people who could explain exactly why these theories and claims were false.  While I felt that each and every claim was sufficiently debunked for me, I definitely do not claim to be an expert in any of those areas, nor do I claim to know the absolute truth about what happened and how on that day.  I understand someone not being willing to take someone else's word (i.e. the government's explanation) on something as absolute truth.  That's fine!  But the fact that some of these people claim to know everything just makes them look like a fool in my mind.  Have your crazy ideas and theories.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But to claim that you, and you alone, know the truth, based solely upon what you think  could have happened is just crazy.  Since when did coming up with a possible explanation make something fact??  And the one thing that really got me mad was that they've even started claiming that the calls to relatives from the planes were fake.  Okay, so now you're going to tell the surviving spouse that her last words with her husband were not even real???  That is just plain mean.  And it made me mad.  So I finally took some Ibuprofen, watched a little Chelsea Lately, and headed to sleep.  Now I'm getting worked up again just writing about it!

Regardless of what you think may have taken place on 9/11, please pray for the families who are missing their loved ones and also for our country and its leaders.


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