Monday, August 30, 2010


This week we are blogging about the top 5 things that people do to annoy us and the top 5 things thy we do that probably annoy others. So here we go!

Top 5 Annoyances:
1. Women who continue to have children (that are poorly taken care of) so they can get more welfare money.

2. People who don't have a job who are collecting unemployment while sitting on their rear ends playing video games. (please know that does not apply to those who are out of a job and on unemployment and actually trying to find a job). These same people also annoy me because they think they deserve things they didn't work hard to earn. Example: someone who has worked hard all their life and paid all their bills on time having more taxes taken out of their pay so the government can give free healthcare to someone who hasn't even tried to work hard.

3. People who complain about Southern Baptists. It drives me nuts!! I am very proud to be a southern baptist. I believe that the beliefs of the southern baptist church are closest to scripture. I am proud that the Southern Baptist Convention is the 2nd largest relief organization in the world (1st being Red Cross) and that we send more missionaries than any other organization. Are there problems in the southern baptist denomination of course there are. But what denomination doesn't have issues.

4. People who work in the service industry who provide poor service. If I am a paying customer please give me good service. And it is hard these days to find good service. But when I do I definitely praise them for it!

5. People who use foul language. I really really can't stand it. I have told people I don't know to watch their mouth and even threatened to have some teens kicked out of the theatre. There is just absolutely no reason for it! And you really better watch out if you use bad language around my child!

I have a sixth one too: people who are getting in their cars in a shopping center and see that someone is waiting for their space and take extra long to leave. Oh soooo annoying!!

Top 5 things that I do to annoy: (I can't think of a single thing, just kidding)

1. Probably my political speech. I am pretty outspoken about it (but I am glad my DKOS friend Cassandra is too). I have lost Facebook friends over it. Oh well!

2. If I can get something in yellow I want it in that color. Sometimes it can be extreme and I think it may annoy people.

3. I am always talking about how I wish we had a Super Target and a Chick-Fil-A close by. Probably a little too much. But if you only knew how amazing the two are you would understand!

4. I like to argue. If you say left I will say right just to be obstinate. I know this to be true as my husband has told me I do this a lot. I think it makes life less boring. Hee hee!

5. I think I may talk too much in bible studies. I do try and wait to see if anyone else will answer or read aloud and if they don't I will. So sometimes it just seems like I am the only one talking and that is probably annoying to people.

While I am sure that my friends and family could come up with a lot more things that I do to annoy them I think we will just keep it at those 5!!

I am interested to read what annoys my fellow DKOS bloggers!!

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