Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snail Mail

This isn't really a hobby, but I love to make cards. I was first introduced to card-making several years ago when one of my friends invited me to a Stampin Up party. I had so much fun that I hosted several Stampin Up parties of my own and would buy items here and there for making cards. In the age of e-mail and Facebook, I find there's something really special when you take the time to send a card...I know I get excited when I receive a card in the mail! So over the years I've accumulated ink pads, stamps, craft paper, ribbon, etc...all the essential tools for creating a card. I love to get creative with my cards and try to make them extra-special. I also find that it's cheaper to make a card than it is to buy one. The best places to go for supplies are craft stores such as Michael's or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's. You can buy anything and everything there: blank note cards, scrapbook paper, ink, stamps, ribbon, buttons...whatever you will need to create a card. I usually try to buy the ribbon when it's on sale. Oh, and occasionally the $1 aisle at Target will have all kinds of scrapbooking items that you can use too. Making cards does take time, but the finished product of brightening someone's day is totally worth it!


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  1. Great pictures of some of your cards. You do beautiful work, and speaking from experience, it definitely does brighten someone's day to get a special handmade card from you. And I think that definitely can fall in the "hobby" category!