Monday, August 9, 2010

Cake This Cake That

Have you noticed the new obsession with cake? There are at least six or seven shows on television about cakes or cupcakes and all these little bakeries and cupcake stores are popping up everywhere. We have a cupcake place here in Illinois called The Cup (formerly The Cupcakery, and I am not sure why they changed this name) and their cupcakes are AMAZING!!!! They have about seven cupcakes that are their staple and then they have a monthly flavor and then a seasonal flavor. My favorite is their red velvet. Oh it is chocolate goodness with some cream cheese icing on top! Last month in celebration of Elvis' birthday they had a banana cupcake with peanut butter icing. Ummm yea I would love for them to bring that cupcake back sometime! It is just delicious!! My mouth is watering while I type this!! Now while cakes and cupcakes are all fine a good it's really the salty stuff I prefer! I would like to see little chips and salsa places open up, where they only serve chips and salsa and cokes! (can't have Mexican food without a coke). I sure do miss all the yummy Mexican restaurants in Texas!! So my question for you is.... Sweet or Salty?


  1. Oh...there's a cupcake place down the street from our office called Dimples Cupcakes and their cupcakes are so yummy. My favorite is the chocolate and peanut butter! I want one right now, but I'm trying to cut back on the sweets. And my wallet could take a break too...they are $4 each, but these cupcakes are pretty big and AMAZING, so it is worth it sometimes.

  2. The Cups cupcakes are pretty big but are only $2.75 each! Mmmm!!