Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Make Me Laugh

Among the many things and people that make me laugh, I would have to include myself. It just seems like life would be a little bland if we weren't able to laugh at ourselves. Anywho... I've been looking around for something to put over our master bed. We have a big empty wall, and I just haven't felt the inspiration with anything I've seen thus far. However, I was looking in a shop last week and saw a sign that said, "Welcome Friends." I couldn't help but wonder what people would think as they were nonchalantly touring our home and then saw "Welcome Friends" right above our marriage bed. And then I got a good chuckle to myself thinking about what my dear hubby would think if he came and saw our new wall decor. :) I wish I had done it just for fun, but don't worry, I did not buy it. I ended up purchasing a blank canvas from the craft store, and that will surely lead to another laugh-at-myself moment!

1 comment:

  1. That sign would have been hilarious. I can just see you standing there looking at it and smiling to yourself as all these thoughts went through your head. :)