Friday, November 20, 2009

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus...

...and her name is Mary. It's that special time of year at work. You know, the one where I try to cram buying 200 toys into my schedule while maintaining the rest of my job. Yeah, that one. But I'm happy to show you the fruits of my labor:

All of these toys (or sets) were $11 or less. My goal was $10 per toy, and I always stretch that as far as it will go. My best discovery this year was the seasonal Mattel outlet in Richardson just past Spring Creek off of 75. There's an outlet that's open year round in Fort Worth, but their prices are comparable to Target or Walmart. The Richardson location on the other hand, is amazing. I found toys that are regularly $26 for under $10. Unbelievable. My best finds there were probably the High School Musical 3 Fabulous Fashion Closet, and the Disney Princess Royal Horse Gift Set with a full size Princess Doll & Horse. I also found the Matchbox Crossroads Crash set there, as well as the Disney Cars Matchbox Carrying Case with launcher & extra cars. They even had full size ride along vehicles, outdoor playsets, etc. at huge discounts. If you have kids to buy for this Christmas - you must check it out! Be sure to check the coupons and sale calendar on the site before you go.

All of this is for our annual company Christmas party. It's a family event, and each child gets a gift and a picture with Santa Claus. It's early this year (December 5th) and I've had to hustle to get everything planned and organized, but I think I'm getting there. I had my team of elves at the office help me start getting things gift wrapped this week, and we made some serious progress:

We're almost done! Everything is coded with wrap by gender and age so I don't get confused and give a twelve year old boy a Sweet Pea gift set from Bath & Body Works. It's necessary. The downside to all this?  If you're on my Christmas list this year, you are definitely getting a gift card.

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