Thursday, November 19, 2009

What kind of a picker are you?

So, I was at a stoplight the other day and looked to my right and saw a guy in his car going to town picking his nose. He did not seem to care who might see was a little gross and equally entertaining. I kept looking at him to see if he might look at me, but nope- he was focused. So, it made start thinking about my own nostril behavior...and the other day I was sitting in my car again at another stoplight and went to scratch my nose and noticed I had a few boogie "friends" in the left what was I to do? Do I pick, do I leave it? I was in a conundrum...and then if I pick- where do I put it? I know growing up I used to watch my dad slyly pick his nose (although he claims it was just scratching) and then proceed to roll the boogie and flick it on the floor. I think he thought I didn't see that, but even as a kid I knew what he was up to...ewee! So, since I was less than a mile away from home, I decided that I would leave my "friends" in tact and take care of it at home with a tissue. I wasn't ready for cross the "boogie rolling/flicking" line...I have a feeling there in no turning back once you do that...ha, ha!

Another thing that is funny is that After being married for 5 years, seeing how loosely Randy and I will pick a boogie in front of each other...Randy is worse about it than I am, but it just makes me laugh because when we were dating there is NO way we would do that.
This makes me think of another thing- if someone has a booger in their nose- do you tell them? or act like it's not there and try to wrap up the conversation asap? I remember in college, that one of my dearest friends, Crista (she's always been there for any social awkwardness as she commented in my last post-just love her!) came up with the saying "Do I have friends?" to check our noses in public("friends" meaning boogers)..we would tilt our head back a little and ask "Do I have friends?" was nice to have people in your life that would tell you the truth and keep you from social disasters. As embarrassing as it might be for a minute, I go ahead and tell people if they have a booger or something in their teeth, etc... because I know I would like someone to do that for me.

I know this post gives you a lot of deep questions to think about- to pick or not to pick?
See you next Thursday!
Ciao- Staci

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