Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My friends are random, and so am I.

You know, I can wink pretty well with my left eye, but try to get me to wink with my right eye, and I have to make this awful face to make it happen.  Just thought you would like to know that.

Alright, now on to more randomness.

All of us girls were able to hang out this last weekend, because Beth and Erica were in town to celebrate Baby O at Cassandra's baby shower.  It's so rare that we are all together, and it was so much fun.  Here are some very random thoughts and tidbits about us gals...

We all LOVE Joe T. Garcia's.  But really, who doesn't?  We all LOVE to laugh, and sometimes it's at the most inappropriate and ridiculous things.  That makes it even more fun.  We LOVE the LORD and strive to glorify Him in all we do, as individuals and as a group.  And although we have many things in common, there are so many differences within the group.  And I love that.

A couple of years ago, we got to go on an overnight excursion to Canton.  It was so fun to be around one another for longer than the length of a meal!  During our shopping time at Canton, we discovered that Erica and I are all about the "junk"/older part, while Mary, Beth, and Cassandra are much more into the crafty/new things.  Staci was at home making a baby (this was a couple of years ago), so I'm curious where she would have spent more time.  Staci?  And this brings something to mind... Hey Mary, have you ever hung that fruits of the spirit wall decor thing?  It's only been two years.  ;)

In high school, we (Hillary, Beth, Erica, and I) loved making videos.  Yes, they were on Hillary's parents' giant VHS video camera.  Funny to think about.  Anyway, we would make videos anywhere and everywhere.  One night after Kroger closed, we decided to make a video of ourselves pretending we were a marching band in the parking lot.  I have no idea why.  Mary didn't so much enjoy any of these excursions, but she always ended up with us anyway.  I suppose she thought it was better than sitting at home with her parents.  Well, Beth was always very good at narrating the videos, and her narrations were always quite detailed.  For example, "We're at the Kroger grocery store parking lot in Bedford, Texas."  I guess since we had kept Mary out past her grandma bedtime, she had a short fuse that night.  She got quite irritated at Beth's detailed narrations and Mary's "irritations" are distinctly audible on that blessed VHS tape.  :)  If I can ever figure out how to get those clips on my computer, I'll definitely share.  Lucky Mary!  Differences and all, we had some of the best times... and still do!  Okay, I really have no idea where that story popped into my head from, because I wasn't even thinking about it when I started this post.  Anyway...

Beth - Ah, Beth.  Beth's laugh can truly make a girl feel like she is the funniest of comedians.  I love it!

Staci - Staci has an amazing gift of asking just the right question to get a better glimpse into your soul.  It's a beautiful thing, really.  She also has some serious potty humor.

Erica - She's steady.  It takes a whole lot to rock her, and she always has a good outlook on things.

Mary - Well, I've already told you a lot about Mary in a recent post, but I will add that she would be the most likely out of all of us to be found at a bakery.  Mmmmm, cupcakes!

Cassandra - If Cassandra sets her mind to do something, she'll make it happen (i.e. boycotting Exxon/Mobil for YEARS).  :)  She's a take charge kind of gal.

I am so thankful for this group of friends.  What a blessing!

Mary made this awesome bib for Baby O.  She's been calling him HaKeem for a while now, but we're pretty sure that's not what Scott and Cassandra are going to use.  But maybe...   :)

My friends are funny!


  1. ummmm... i would be WAY too embarrassed to tell you about the videos that i made back in HS with the robertsons, nicole, and liz. oh. my. ;) thank you, lord, that not too many of us can convert those huge VHS tapes!

  2. I am so blessed to have you girls in my life to laugh with and be challenged by!