Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mary, Mary, Why you Buggin'?

Today is our sweet Mary's birthday, so here are...

The Top Reasons I Love Mary!

She's so great at letting her friends know her true self, even if it means telling on herself or admitting faults.

She can poke fun at you without coming across as hurtful. (Except when she still pokes fun at you for an outfit you wore in high school, almost FOURTEEN years later. I'm not bitter.)

She can poke fun at herself. (And can crack herself up over it!)

When you really make her laugh, she'll hold her hand to her chest as if to keep anything from splattering out if it were to burst!

She's the kind of friend who will bring you a Sonic Dr. Pepper just because you sound like you're having a long day.

She's a big enough person to apologize when she's wronged someone. (For example, she apologized for calling me names behind my back in 8th grade. This was all because she felt that I "stole" her boyfriend, even though she was the one who broke up with him before I even met him.)

She is beautiful, inside and out.

She has continued to amaze me (and herself, I think) by her response to all the ways God has stretched her throughout the years we've been friends.

Happy Birthday, Mary. I am blessed to call you friend.


  1. You "stealing" that boyfriend was the beginning of a beautiful friendship :) What a sweet post...I am such a lucky girl. Thanks for loving me!

  2. What pretty pictues of you Mary! Happy Birthday!

  3. If you only knew the depth of my love for you and how much I cherish your friendship. You are an amazing woman Mary, and I am blessed beyond measure to be your friend. Hope you had a wonderful birthday...and I hope you let Gavin sing sweet nothings to you! :)