Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saying shhhh is not going to work

Okay, so here's a pet peeve of mine...when people take small children to the movies. Now I'm all for taking kids to see kid-oriented movies, don't get me wrong, but this afternoon Scott and I went to see The Book of Eli (which is Rated R) and sitting right behind us were at least a 5-year-old and then another child probably 2 or 3. SERIOUSLY!? The movie hadn't even started yet and this kid was just gabbing away, making noises here and there. Once the movie finally started the parents did their best to keep the child quiet (you know, with the constant "shhhh"), but how can you honestly expect a child younger than 5 to sit through a two hour movie and not say anything? You can't. Why would these people bring their two small children to this kind of movie in the first place? It's obviously Rated R for a reason (some language but mainly violence). Then there's the fact that your child is disturbing everyone else around him/her...people who paid to see the movie without having some kid yelling and talking during it. It took almost 45 minutes, maybe, before the mom finally got up with the child and even then she just went down the stairs and into the little hallway...she didn't even leave the theater and we could still hear the child talking. They finally just left (hallelujah). Next time they should find a babysitter, or go to a movie that their children can watch. I don't have kids, yet, but I do know that I would never take my child to see a Rated R movie...bring on the fun animated movies, which I do love by the way.

Also, the movie was really good if you haven't seen it...and if you can get past a few cuss words and some violence.


  1. Wow - that would totally drive me insane! I would probably have a hard time not turning around and asking them to leave or calling a manager. I know that sounds so mean but as the mom of two kids who rarely gets to go to the theater (and my goodness we pay $10.50 a ticket now too! It's gotten so expensive!) I would not want my experience ruined.
    And yes - what is up with parents bringing small children to a rated R flick?? Come on! That just defies common sense.
    oh well...glad you enjoyed the movie (after the first hour!) We're hoping to see it soon!

  2. I agree! If they get taken to a rated R movie, there's no telling what those precious little eyes see on the TV at home. And if you can't afford a babysitter, then just wait to rent the movie when it comes out on DVD. How annoying!

  3. I saw Mr. Brooks in the theater. It was an R rated movie about a SERIAL KILLER and there was this lady there with her kids under age 10. They weren't disruptive but I am a grown up and find those movies disturbing so I am thinking maybe don't bring your children. I also once listened to a conversation between two five year olds about the movie Freddie VS. Jason. I know I watched movies as a kid that were beyond my maturity level but clasher movies or movies about serial killers is a tad too far.