Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

So, it's not actually my birthday yet, but I stumbled upon a little birthday miracle this weekend.  I was out running errands and met up with Amelia and Aidan at Marshall's in Lewisville.  We were perusing the aisles when she mentioned that she found something a few aisles over that looked awfully similar to that Jewelry Tree I was pining over a few weeks ago.  To refresh your memory:

Lo and behold, Amelia had spotted this little beauty:

It's slightly different, but exactly what I was looking for!  And here's what's even better...I loved this so much that I was willing to blow my birthday money, spending $59.99 plus shipping at Red Envelope...and I paid $16.99 at Marshall's.  SIXTEEN NINETY-NINE!

Obviously, I brought it right home and loaded it up with jewelry.  And the best part?  Those two little glass sparrows were my Grannie's, and they always sat on her dresser on a little mirror next to her jewelry dish.  And now they have found the perfect spot in my home too, where they will remind me of my sweet grandmother every morning.

(Pretend like you don't see the dust - I was too excited about picture taking to worry about dusting!)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your grannie's sparrows sitting under the tree. They look perfect there.