Friday, February 5, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Rosa,

I can't tell you how excited I am about your arrival! When I first saw that you were coming to town, I must admit, I squealed in delight. I called everyone I knew and told them the news, I could barely contain myself! I feared for my waistline, but I knew we could work it out somehow. After all, we go way back.  

Since that day I've been dreaming of your burritos...with just the right amount of melty gooey cheese, beans of the perfect consistency, and a fresh doughy tortilla. Once a week or so, I'll find myself wondering if you've finally made your arrival - only to be disappointed as I drive past to find nothing but an empty shell of a building. This is why we need to talk Rosa. You see, you're taking a really long time to get here. I keep putting off my diet, thinking "Rosa will be here soon, just wait one more week".  That's not working out so well for me. I finally caved one day and drove all the way to Highland Village to get a sneak preview of what was to come...but it only made me wish for you more.

The signs say you're coming soon...but I'm beginning to lose hope. Please don't delay your arrival any longer. Mama needs a good burrito.

Gastrointestinally yours,

1 comment:

  1. Rosa's is yummy deliciousness! I haven't had a burrito in a very long time...dang diet...but the taco salads are pretty good.