Monday, February 15, 2010


Ok so I just got back from a wonderful visit to Texas! Reagan got to hang out with both sets of grandparents! We got to hang out with my neice, Aubrey, my sister and brother-in-law. And we got to celebrate the soon to be arrival of my neice Allyson and Cassandra's baby HaKeem (Mary's name for Baby O)! I got to eat lots of Mexican food including Joe T's with the best friends a girl could have! So all in all it was a great 10 days. Up until I tried to get home! The Dallas area got almost a foot of snow last Thursday. This is totally unheard of and was a record! So this made for difficulty getting home! I was scheduled to fly out at 2:35, but found out my flight was delayed til 6pm. So I decided to head to the airport about 3pm. We were walking out the door when Southwest calls and says my flight is leaving at 3:30. Um what? It was going to take an hour to get to the airport. So on the way I called Southwest and changed my flight to the one leaving at 8:50, but was going to try and fly stand by on the 5:40 flight. Got to the airport to find out the 5:40 flight was canceled. So we went to the gate to wait to 8:50. About 7:00p the gate agent tells me the flight is canceled and so she booked me on a flight for Friday. So I called my parents to come get us and the proceeded to Baggage Claim to get my bags. But when I got there it was in major chaos! Bags everywhere from everywhere. There were at least 200 people in line at the BC office. They even called Dallas police in to help with the angry customers. Definitely not Southwest's shining moment. Mim and dad got there about 8 and we got Reagan in the car and mom tried to help me find my bags. At 9pm I gave up and left. So we had to stop at Walmart to get pajamas etc... Finally was in bed a little after 10:30. Friday the first 2 flights were canceled, but we got on the 12:05 flight and finally got St. Louis about 2:45pm. It was so great to be home! I had missed my husband so much!!!

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