Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jesus Killed My Finger

This happened a few months ago, but it's something that has really stuck with me.  Aidan (now 5) came to me one day and had cut his fingernail on something.  I don't even remember how he did it, but it was the kind that goes up and down, and it was down into his nail bed a good bit.  Ouch!  I told him that we should pray and ask Jesus to heal his fingernail, so we did.  The very next day, he came into the kitchen proclaiming, "Jesus killed my finger!"  It took me a minute to realize he was saying that Jesus had healed his finger, not killed his finger.  Sadly, I thought he must have been looking at the wrong finger, so I took a look for myself.  Nope - he was right.  Jesus had healed his finger.  First of all, I absolutely love that God revealed His healing power to Aidan... and to me!  Second of all, why didn't I really believe God would heal Aidan's finger?  I saw a sign in a shop recently that said, "Faith is not believing God can.  Faith is believing God will."  I definitely believed that God could heal Aidan's finger, but I wasn't really convinced that He would.  And boy did He show me!

Now back to that sign... "Faith is not believing God can.  Faith is believing God will."  What are your thoughts on that?  I mean, sometimes we pray for things and God says no.  And He does that because that's what is best for us.  So is faith believing that God will do exactly what we're asking, or is it believing that God will do what is absolutely best for us, even if it's not giving us exactly what we were asking for?  That wouldn't have sounded as good on the sign, though.  :)  Thoughts?

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