Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is a genius show. You watch once and it hooks you! The drama the intrigue. A real life soap opera. I hear so many people say I am not going to watch another season and yet when the new season starts they can't stay away.

Chris Harrison is an awesome host. He is quite humorous at times. He is from Dallas, TX and has been married to his wife for 16 years.

Now some seasons have definitely been better then others. This season with Jake has had quite a bit of drama. With one of the girls having a relationship with someone from The Bachelor staff. Everyone hating Vienna (I don't like her either) and Ally having to leave for work reasons.

So now it is down to two girls Vienna and Tenley. And I am hoping Jake picks Tenley!

Who do you think he is going to pick?



  1. I have a feeling it will be Vienna(boooo!), but really think he and Tenley would be a great fit... it is so true how it hooks you- on Mondays I think about it off/on all day how I get to watch the new Bachelor that night, kind of sad, but true!

  2. I actually have never watched a episode of the Bachelor but my sis inlaw got a picture taken with Jake. He is a nice looking man I must say:)

  3. I don't think he picks either one. :( Usually they ask at the Bachelor Tell All if they're in love, but Chris only asked him if he was happy. Just my opinion. OR maybe they're just trying to make it look that way... always a good possibility. But, if he does pick, I hope it's Tenley as well. The girls were cracking me up with their description of Tenley, dropping right out of a Disney movie, etc. Funny stuff!

  4. I have a feeling it will be Vienna although I think Tenley is a much better fit. I really like Ali all along. It's too bad that didn't work out. This is my first season watching The Bachelor and yes, somehow you get hooked!