Monday, June 22, 2009

Mary's Mixing It Up

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When we here at DKS discussed the monumental first individual post, we took a vote on whether we should tell a little about ourselves or each tell a little about another. It just so happened that I was outvoted…by a landslide. But the beauty of having my very own day to post is that I can do it my way, so here goes.

These ladies may give you the baseline facts, they are excellent wives and/or mothers and truly incredible friends, but here is what you would be sorry if you didn’t stick around to find out for yourself…

Amelia is one loony, fun lady. You can’t help but have a good time when you’re with her. She is an even-keel kind of girl, even when the boat is a-rockin’. She is creative and has a thousand random talents. She is hilarious. She can put you at ease in an instant. She makes friends and then she shares them. I can’t tell you how many people who are now dear friends (or even spouses!) were introduced to each other by Amelia. That my friends, is a gift. She is supportive, honest, non-judgmental, and the kind of friend who doesn’t let you forget who you are when life gets a little crazy. She also makes a mean macaroni and cheese.

Beth is a hoot. Wherever she goes, she brings lightness and laughter with her. She is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. Beth is always 100% Beth, and I find that awfully refreshing in a world of what-you-see-is-not-usually-what-you-get. She is kind-hearted and completely selfless. Her glass is half full, and she’d be happy to share it with you. She always has a punny joke or a funny story. She looks at the world in a way that will surprise and amuse you, and will usually make you think about the way you see it too. There is never a dull moment with Beth!

Cassandra is our resident wild child, but she is also an incredibly loyal and devoted friend. She doesn’t worry about what other people think and when it’s time to make her own path, she’ll do it with flair. She is generous with her time and always willing to jump on board for a good cause (or a gas company boycott). I jest Cassandra, I jest. She is an encourager, and once she’s on your team, this girl will go to bat for you every single time. She loves to do little things to let you know she's thinking about you. You never know when a handmade card from Cassandra will find it's way to your mailbox and brighten your day! Don’t let the tough exterior fool you, she’s all heart.

Erica is a study in the best kind of contradictions. She’s adventurous, but careful; spontaneous, but thorough; she’s intelligent and cultured, but she’ll still laugh at a poop joke. To sum that up neatly, I guess I could just use the word balanced. Erica has always been a fantastic listener and she is a great judge of character. Being a pretty reserved person (read: scaredy cat), I’ve always thought of her as fearless. She’s not afraid to jump out there and try something new, and she has had some pretty amazing experiences as a result of that. She’s the kind of person who truly enriches your life just by being a part of it. She is loving and trustworthy and just a really lovely person.

Staci is a master at the art of getting to know you. She has a way about her, and you’ll find yourself openly sharing your life story approximately 15 minutes after meeting her. She can make you comfortable in an instant, and she truly wants to know who you are when no one is looking, and what it is that makes you tick. Staci has a sweet, sweet heart and a slightly irreverent sense of humor that will have you doubled over in no time. She loves life and people, and all the funny stories that combination brings about. She manages to fit more in a day than I can fit in a week, and she does it all with grace.

The truth is, I wouldn’t be me without them, so they couldn’t be left out of my bio. I am so incredibly grateful that they are my friends. We have each taken completely different roads over the years, and it is has been an awesome adventure to share life with these ladies and get through it all together.

And now to satisfy the actual purpose of this post (if anyone has actually made it this far!) I suppose I’ll tell you a little bit about Mary:

I married my husband Mark in July 2006, and we live in Coppell with our two dogs - Max (the great) and Milo (the terrible). I’m an Office/HR Manager who usually likes her job. I love to laugh and hate to be the center of attention. When I walk into a library or a store full of pretty things, I get a rush that is probably similar to the feeling you get partaking in illegal substances. I’m a little OCD (and by “a little”, I mean “a lot”). I hate roller coasters and talking in front of groups of people. I crave order, but I’m terribly disorganized. I love all sugar and/or cake based products. When I have a bad day you can find me in front of a plate of brownies. I would not say I’ve had an easy life, but I am very aware that many people have had it much worse. Spending time with my friends always gives me that please-don’t-let-this-moment-ever-end-I-really-love-these-people feeling. I crave lazy afternoons, but am completely unable to sit still when I finally get them. I’m a work in progress. Stay tuned.

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