Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amelia (by Amelia - duh!)

Well, according to a recent personality assessment, I am self-confident and assertive.  I am social, I don't always deal well with change, and I am organized (or like to be).  I "can be warm and cooperative, but occasionally somewhat competitive, stubborn, or assertive."  I would say that's a pretty fair assessment of me.  My husband and I did this assessment for a "Marriage Checkup" thing we did at our church.  In case you were wondering, it looks like we're gonna make it.  : )  

Random side note - I can't figure out how to put this right under the picture, but that's me (Amelia), Chris (my husband) and Daryl & Becky (our former neighbors from Oklahoma and some of our BFFs).  I didn't have a recent picture of us with our children, so I'll have to add that to another post.  We took this picture this weekend when D&B came to see us.  I thought about cropping it down to Chris and I, but then part of Daryl's forehead would have still been in it.  It's more fun with them in it, anyway!

I grew up in the DFW area, but I was born in good ol' Lubbock, Texas.  I am proud to be a third generation Texas Tech Red Raider.  My degree is in Finance, but I have been rapidly losing brain cells over the past 4 years as I keep poppin' out babies.  I have Aidan (4), Emerson (almost 3), and Ivy (1).  Oh yeah, and I got married sometime before all of that.  Chris (my husband) is a Texas A&M Aggie, so we have a nice little family rivalry.  I somewhat jokingly told him the other day that I was considering hanging my diploma in the laundry room.  Maybe I should!  

I guess it's obvious by now, but I will add that I like to use parenthesis.  I love taking pictures, and I have been getting lots and lots of practice on friends and their babies (and my own children, of course)!  I love old things and things with character.  I don't fix my hair every day.  I love Dr. Pepper, especially a good Dr. Pepper from Sonic during Happy Hour.  I would say I'm an optimist.  I like gardening/landscaping.  I like to have a plan.  I like to eat.  I love a good laugh, but I don't laugh at just anything.  I love playing games and am a bit competitive.  I love people.  I love my family and friends, and I am incredibly grateful for the unconditional love and grace God has shown to me.  What an amazing gift!  

That's me in a nutshell (and I am quite nutty).  I look forward to blogging on Wednesdays (humpday)!

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