Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's Staci...

I would describe myself as a walking contradiction- mainly because I can be incredibly nostalgic, and at the same time look to the future with great excitement to the new things each day has to offer! I am optimistic, random, silly, love to laugh, love an adventure and love getting to know the people that cross my path. I love being a Christian, and have thought many times what would I do without Christ in my life? Scary to even think about, really.

The past 9 months have been such an adventure, as we welcomed our first child into the world in September 2008…little Allegra “Allie” Nicole has blessed our lives in ways we never dreamed of…I never realized how much I would love being a mother! Allie is one of the best surprises I have ever gotten- yeah, that’s right she was our little- “surprise” I’m pregnant! Her addition to my life has definitely created a paradigm shift in my world…

A few fun facts about me, I am 30 and grew up in Arlington, TX and went to Temple Christian School - graduating in 1996, and then went to Hardin-Simmons University and graduated in 2000. So, I am a product of ALL private Christian school education- which at times growing up left me a bit na├»ve and living a little bit in a “bubble”. I have had some interesting jobs through the years- waitress, radio dj “Staci Love”, generic business girl, personal trainer, vitamin sales girl, library assistant and eventually a Kindergarten teacher…so my life has certainly not lacked in variety. However, my ultimate dream job would be for me to be a really good backup dancer-random, I know!

This September, my sweet hubby Randy and I will have been married for 5 years. We couldn't be more different, but work great together as a team- we definitely balance each other out. We live in Irving and I just recently took on the new job of a “stay at home” mommy. My hubby and I are really involved at FBC Euless- we actually met there about 7 years ago- my how time flies when you are having fun!

Current vices- coffee, Dr Pepper, endorphins you get from running, and trying to use big words in sentences- ha, ha!

So, overall this task of “introducing” myself to this blog has been difficult because I have been in such a transition stage of my life with being a new mommy- so my typical response is not so typical these days…this blog will hopefully help me define this new “version of myself”…looking forward to the blogging journey with some of the most priceless and genuine friends I know!

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