Thursday, November 4, 2010


Things I love about Fall:

Being able to wear a long-sleeved (or 3/4 length - are those still in style??) shirt and walk outside without feeling sweat start to drip immediately. Texas may have super hot summers, but I wouldn't trade it for super cold winters. But it sure is nice when fall rolls around.

School supplies! And now that I have a child in school I get to enjoy this fall-ish thing again. So fun... am I weird? Surely I'm not alone here. And I guess the school supplies technically had to be purchased during summer, but at least it means fall is surely coming.

That I can still wear sandals or flip-flops. I really dislike socks and shoes, but as I'm getting older, I'm staring to think my feet need them. I recently purchased a pair of new running shoes. I'll let you know once I test them out... hopefully within the 30 days I have to return them!

Pumpkin patch fun. There is a great pumpkin patch here that we have gone to the last few years. Everything is free, but they encourage you to bring a donation of canned goods. There are bounce houses, hayrides, TONS of wooden cutouts for picture taking fun, hay mazes, etc. The kids have more and more fun every year, and it's so fun to watch.

Fall decor. I really don't like Halloween decorations, so I had the "Give Thanks" centerpiece up in October. I had a five-year-old tell me, "It's not November yet." But who cares!! If Beth can start playing Christmas music on November 1, I can certainly decorate for Thanksgiving mid-October.


College Football. More specifically, Texas Tech football. One thing I do not like about Fall is what happens to my husband after a Texas A&M loss. It's a strange and sad thing, really.

I totally forgot to post this on my day - Wednesday, so pardon me, Staci. :)


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  1. don't like socks and shoes??? loving the school supplies?? dude, you are totally describing me!